What is Lukema?

The Lukema network and national development projects in mathematics and sciences

The Lukema network is an open community for all high school teachers and principals interested in developing mathematics and sciences

Our goal is to

  • increase the interest towards sciences and mathematics in high school
  • increase students’ applying for science and technical study fields
  • support and harbor students’ own interests

The Lukema network in action

The Lukema network is a community coordinated within two national development projects (“Harppi” and “Jälki” = “Harp” and “Trace”). Harppi – Harp is a national mathematics development project coordinated jointly by Maunula co-educational school and Helsinki mathematics high school, whereas Jälki – Trace is a national sciences development project coordinated by Otaniemi high school. These development projects are funded by the ministry of education and culture and they have been awarded for seven years since 2018. The development projects enable us to produce, among other things, different events and material to support education in the common ‘Lukema’ network.

The purpose of the development projects

The purpose of the national development project is to develop and spread models and good practices having to do with pedagogy, school culture and learning environments. It supports teaching skills and education nationally. The development project also includes the advancement and promoting of the cooperation between education providers, mathematics. Finally, it helps with the dialogue between actors in the sciences fields and companies plus higher education institutes.